Mission Statement

Qualified professionals

The team of qualified professionals at Desert Industries will make every effort to provide the best service to our valued customers. Our commitment to communication, quality, safety and innovation in our products and services will be the standard that our customers come to expect from a company focused on service.

We are delighted to provide our customers and old clients with professional work and we are therefore looking forward to set new heights in this industry. For us, the sky is the limit and this makes us very proud of what we are doing. Either small or bigger company, we are always willing to solve all your issues, regardless of their level of difficulty.

Cleaning services for industrial, public and commercial needs

We know what your expectations are and this is why we will never disappoint. So far, we have contracted all kinds of customers, from municipal to commercial and from industrial to big shopping center, cleaning lots of types of surfaces, including parking lots and structures, sidewalks, awnings and even building facades.

Either your interested in graffiti removal, both interior or exterior painting, day porter services or any other cleaning services, our team is always there for you, making your place look as new.

Latest pressure washing technology

No matter how exacting your surface or façade is, there is no obstacle to stop us. Our pressure washing specialists use the latest technology in the industry, being able to remove and clean even the most pretentious places. We cover a multitude of specific needs, including repair work, general clean up and painting.

Our 14-year experience in this industry helped us getting better and better, reason for which we always come up with new services and technologies needed in order to keep our commercial customers satisfied. Currently, we are serving Southern Nevada area, dealing with different types of customers and offering various services.

Not only we provide you all these kinds of services but we are doing it at very good prices as all new customers are awarded a 10% DISCOUNT.

"Let us be a part of your success."