Tenant improvement services

In addition to regular maintenance of Sidewalks, Parking Lots and Building Exteriors, we also offer the following services:

  1. HVAC/Heating maintenance and service
  2. Pressure Washing
  3. Carpentry/Painting/Interior/Exterior
  4. Tenant Improvements (preparing office space for new tenants Etc.).
  5. Day Porter Service (emptying trash cans, cleaning up parking lots and other services as specified
  6. Any service not mentioned above: Please ask and we will do our best to accommodate

We know that every property is as important for the tenant as it is for the owner, reason for which we meet the highest expectations. We are able to turn your current property into a better looking unit thanks to a skilled and experienced team.

Desert Industries help you improve your property so that your tenants feel as comfortable as possible. Our design and renovation specialists can give the property unique aspects, accommodating the most various needs.


We offer services for all kinds of projects in Las Vegas. For years, we've been serving our clients with quality services and this makes us proud of a very professional and experienced team. Our skilled workers will provide you with quality services, either small or bigger business, everywhere across Las Vegas.

Maintenance services for commercial and residential

All these services will help you get rid of all daily problems. Desert Industries offers you expert washing and maintenance services for all commercial, residential and industrial needs. In this way, your property's life span will be considerably extended.

Now that you met all our services, you can opt for an easy service request.
Don't forget: every new client gets a special DISCOUNT on any of the pressure washing services.

Our goal is to be "One Source" for our clients when it comes to most maintenance issues.